God’s ears are open to our prayers!

The Apostle Peter writes,

‘For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and his ears are open to their prayer.’

This is incredible!  What a motivation, that as we pray God’s ears are open to our prayers; and God has been answering our prayers.

At the last ENOUGH on the 21st June 2019, we prayed for the church plant in Frankfurt and particularly that their Summerfest would bear fruit……as a result of this event, there were lots of good conversations, and several people visited the church afterwards.

We prayed for an increase in signs and wonders in our churches…...at the recent Abide women’s conference held at Hope Church Ipswich, 15 women were healed – including 8 bad backs, 2 unblocking of ears, 2 knee problems, 1 arthritic hip and pain from recent surgery. 

We prayed for our pioneers in the Middle East, one delegate at the recent Middle East Day said that the day was, ‘full of hope filled and inspiring stories,’ God is at work in the Middle East.

These are just 3 stories amongst many.  Jesus is moving in our nations, towns, villages and churches.

Over the summer, let’s keep praying for the situations covered at the last ENOUGH. Continue to pray:

  • That friends and family who do not yet know Jesus are saved

  • That we continue to see more signs and wonders in our churches pointing to and leading people to Jesus

  • That the church plant in Frankfurt sees much growth

  • For protection and blessing over our pioneers in the Middle East

  • For strong Christian families to shine a light in this broken world

Have a great summer! 

signs and wonders.png
Nick Oldfield