To use worship and prayer to thank God for all He has done.


Thanksgiving Section Video

We have produced a Thanksgiving section video, which should be shown at the beginning of the section and will detail all topics to be covered. 

The section video covers:

  • A brief introduction.

  • Thank you videos from the New York and Liverpool church plants.

  • The Nicene Creed.

The Nicene Creed is collectively read out, followed by a time of worship. 

The Nicene Creed. ENOUGH is about acknowledging that God is enough and this creed succinctly declares the depth and breadth of what we know God to be and what he has done for us. The intention is that declaring these truths will be the rocket fuel that ignites the community into higher levels of worship and prayer!




This a great opportunity to ask people to give testimony of the things that God has done in their lives in response to prayer (either at ENOUGH or other prayer times).

The other option is to use the My Story video (4 minutes) that we have produced. It has a number of stories that will build faith.

Please use the ‘This is my story’ card provided for people to write down their testimonies. We want to hear about all God is doing.