Aim: To draw the family of Christ together with the focus on a meal and communion. This is also the time to create a family prayer space where children can pray with their parents about the same topics that will be prayed about later in the evening. Scroll down to find lots of ideas and resources to help you make this happen.


Communion (Breaking Bread)

As a part of the meal time together, we are trying to create an environment where people can share and give thanks together, including communion

We’ve collated some communion ideas from ENOUGH Hubs.

Click the button for some creative ideas to help include communion as part of the Family section.


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Family and Children Prayer Space Ideas

This is a designated area where families can pray together for some of the prayer topics covered in this ENOUGH.  We’ve developed some cards which give some creative ideas for the prayer space.  These can be found by clicking on the button. 

 How to make this work:

  • Set up the prayer space in a separate room or space.

  • Encourage parents to take their children around the space and pray with them.

  • Create the prayer space alongside other fun activities such as games, bouncy castle etc.


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Enough Hand Game V3.png

Download Prayer Game (English)

Download Prayer Game (Dutch)

*NEW* Pray for Church Planting Game

This has been designed to support families in praying with their children through Church Plants taking place across the globe.

Please print games in preparation for the evening

This game can be used in various ways:

  • Give to families a week before ENOUGH to play at home and prepare their children for ENOUGH.

  • To play and pray during the meal time.

  • To play and pray during the main prayer event (to encourage child participation).

  • To use in Sunday kids work either before or after ENOUGH.