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Praying that God will break into our Broken World

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Broken World Section Video

We have produced a Broken World section video, which should be shown at the beginning of the section and will detail all topics to be covered. 

The section video covers:

  • A brief introduction.

  • Instruction and encouragement on praying for families and issues surrounding family breakdown.



Praying for families and issues surrounding family breakdown.

This section is introduced by a video from the UK based charity - Home for Good.

This is an excellent opportunity to pray for a number of issues around family, including:

  • The impact of family breakdown on our society.

  • For charities such as Home for Good who are working closely with the most vulnerable children and families.

  • For Christian families to be beacons of hope and great role models to the world.

Add your own specific prayer points to the PowerPoint provided.

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