Prayer of Many Book (Pre-order saver packs)

Prayer of Many Book (Pre-order saver packs)

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English Paperback (2019), ISBN 9780995477889

Packs of 10 to 100. Orders placed by the 23rd October will be delivered by the Enough prayer event on the 15 November 2019.

What would church be like if everyone committed to pray together? What would your nation be like if every church committed to pray regularly and faithfully for the same thing at the same time?

In The Prayers of Many, Mike Betts not only issues an urgent call for the church to rediscover the power of corporate prayer but equips both the individual and the church to grasp what God will do through the passionate prayers of his people.

Praise for The Prayers of Many:

“Mike has written a great resource which will…once again place the prayer meeting as the engine room of the church” MIKE PILAVACHI

“The message of this book is urgently necessary, and it comes from the hand of a seasoned practitioner” - PETE GREIG

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