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To receive live teaching and pray together with Hubs from across the globe

 21st June 19 - Live from Revelation Church, London


8:15PM Greenwich Mean Time

9:15PM Central European Time

10:15PM Eastern European Time

What do we do?

All you need to do is log onto the prayersofmany facebook page at You will need to show this on your main screens at 8:15pm (GMT). It is suggested that you start showing it a minute or so early so you don’t miss the start.

What will happen during the live event?

1.    The LIVE stream will be up and running in tech-test mode from 7:45pm, so you can log on and make sure it is working.

2.    The Actual LIVE event starts at 8:15pm, so this is the time to put it onto your screens.

3.    It will last 15-20 mins and when it finishes you will be asked to spend some time praying in your hub for the things mentioned in the talk.

How do we test to see it is working?

On the night The LIVE link will be running from 7:45pm. So your tech team can connect and see the link working well in advance of the start. They can then switch the link onto the screens at 8:15pm.

Be aware of bandwidth problems

If your bandwidth is low then it is advisable to switch off Wi-Fi during the event and plug the computer directly into the internet via an Ethernet cable.

What if it doesn’t work for us or we don’t want to follow it LIVE?

If for some reason it is not working for you, then you can have the recorded talk (link below) at the ready and show this instead.